What U.S. Businesses Should Know About China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law

China has imposed counter-sanctions against seven US individuals and entities, including former US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, under the country’s new anti-foreign sanctions law. It is a response to the US government sanctioning seven Chinese officials earlier this month and warning US companies based in Hong Kong of “growing risks” posed by Beijing. “The […]

Brand awareness and Reg F

By Tricia Ann-Olson Zachary Many years ago I wrote an article for Collector magazine about branding in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. The article included a discussion of the prevalence of descriptive trade names within the ARM industry and the benefit of creating a distinct brand that begins with a single trade name. While […]

Lessons from Britain on Balancing Monetary and Fiscal Policy

July 24, 2021 NOTTODAY The Bank of England, like most central banks in rich countries, has two main functions: to maintain monetary stability and to ensure the soundness of the financial system. For most of his life, however, he was also responsible for managing public debt. (Fortunately, the original reason for the bank’s creation in […]

Apologetic Audacity rewrites its privacy policy after “major communication disruption” • The Register

Open source audio publisher Audacity posted an apology on GitHub this week in response to the quite predictable fury over the platform’s privacy policy. An updated privacy policy accompanied the apology, in which the team insisted it had just been misunderstood and a glance at the source would have shown its intentions. “We are deeply […]

US corporate debt at historically low yield

the $ 10.6 trillion US corporate debt markets are at an inflection point. Last year’s unrest is in the rearview mirror, and companies are stepping up all the shareholder-friendly activities they were unable to do during the pandemic – and looking to finance some of it with debt. Why is this important: The economy is […]

One by one, African countries dismantle colonial-era death penalty laws

DAKAR, Senegal – Lawmakers in Sierra Leone are due to debate and possibly vote on the abolition of the death penalty on Friday, a momentous step that would make the West African country the 23rd on the continent to ban the death penalty . Expectations before a vote on the issue were strongly in favor […]

California license update – Lexology

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (“DFPI” or the “Department”) will have no shortage of applications to process before the end of the year. Last week, the DFPI reminded industry participants that from September 1, 2021, it will make available through the National Multi-State Licensing System (“NMLS”) the application needed to apply for […]

Supreme Court: Sentencing condition restricting accused’s employment for seven years was disproportionate

Supreme Court: Sentencing condition restricting accused’s employment for seven years was disproportionate By Killian Flood BLPosted July 21, 2021 Killian Flood BL the short Supreme allowed the appeal of a man who claimed to have been subjected to unduly harsh conditions for a conditional sentence for harassment. The appellant had already been sentenced to 30 […]

Altria Group (NYSE: MO) is not yet restructuring its debt.

Altria Group, Inc. (NYSE: MO) is a major player in the tobacco industry. With well-known brands like Marlboro and a portfolio of other tobacco products, the company has expanded into other businesses as well, but is now looking for exits and focusing on its core business. Yet, over the past 5 years, the debt ratio […]

BREAKDOWN: Mayor Victorino veto Bill 60 on moratorium on hotel construction

County officials today announced that Maui Mayor Michael Victorino is vetoing Bill 60, the hotel moratorium bill, which was passed by county council from Maui on July 2, 2021. “Like you, Mayor Victorino’s administration is deeply concerned about the sudden return of tourism to Maui County and its impact on our residents. While we value […]