Day: August 23, 2021

Debt ratio

5 top-ranked liquid stocks to bet on for higher returns in 2021 – August 23, 2021

Identifying stocks that offer attractive returns can sometimes be tricky for investors. In such scenarios, one can consider liquidity levels which are a good indicator of a company’s financial health. Liquidity measures a company’s ability to honor short-term debts by converting assets into cash and cash equivalents. These stocks have always been on the radar […]

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Legal process

New Paltz considers ‘good cause’ eviction law to protect tenants

The Village of New Paltz is considering a “just cause” eviction law that would require automatic lease renewals and prohibit landlords from evicting tenants unless there is “just cause” for the eviction. referral. The village held its first public hearing on August 11 after the measure was introduced in July. Deputy Mayor Alexandria Wojcik drafted […]

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Debt collector

Waukesha woman receives recovery notice six years after routine teeth cleaning

WAUKESHA – If you have dental insurance, you usually don’t think twice about the cost after cleaning your teeth. Kim Costello, from Waukesha, was not only billed for her visit, but her debt was also sent to a collection agency. Costello said she didn’t even find out until six years after her appointment. Costello contacted […]

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