After a historic bankruptcy, he needs craftsmen


The United States must drop the trophy

After a historic bankruptcy, you need artisans

Over the past few years, the United States Cup winner has changed over and over again. It’s not always the most traditional sailing competition in the world. For 132 years, there was only one winner at the first event: Team USA. Until 1983. Then, initially, alignment work is necessary.

When the longest winning streak in gaming history was shattered 132 years later, Craftsmen first had to relocate to Midtown Manhattan. No member of the feudal New York Boat Club could have imagined that the “Alt Mug” would be removed from the club’s window. This is why the Britannia 67.5 cm high metal jug was securely screwed onto a base.


(Photo: Imego Images / Zuma Wire)

But it’s true: The Australia II of the Royal Perth Boat Club won on September 26, 1983 one of the most coveted sporting trophies in the world, from the hands of Captain John Bertrand, Liberty to Dennis Connor. The challengers advanced 41 seconds ahead of Newport / Rhode Island in the seventh and decisive race, throwing an entire continent into a frenzy of joy.

Because it was a victory for the hardline “Aussies” against the US shipping company. A boxer kangaroo with red gloves was swinging on the mast of the successful boat. The official anthem of Bertrand’s band is not a chalet song, but a cult Men at Work song called “Down Under”. To this day, Australia II is the main attraction of the Western Australia Maritime Museum in Fremont.

With new technologies such as the controversial wing keel and Kevlar reinforced sails, the new heroes of sailing have revolutionized traditional, centuries-old but somewhat outdated competition. The unprecedented humiliation did not let the longtime defeated winners rest, and it was four years later that Connor brought the trophy to the United States before Perth. However, the invincible shine has been lost forever.


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