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Agency visits are a powerful advocacy tool and allow ACA International members to connect with their legislators and regulators. When we can’t do it in person, a video is a great option.

ACA launched a campaign in April to encourage members to share their videos, ACA previously reported. The American Profit Recovery team in Michigan responded with a video interviewing their staff and leaders.

Check out their video here:

If you want to share your own video, try these ideas:

  • During your video or office tour, include your compliance team’s information on compliance programs and training, and ask collectors to have their say. If the consumers you’ve worked with are ready to share their stories, or if you have a compliment or comment from a consumer, this is another great prospect to share with lawmakers and regulators.
  • Try to talk about how you started your career in the industry and why your job is important to business, the economy, and consumers. It is also a great opportunity to dispel the misconceptions people have about the industry and to help educate people to change their perspective on debt collectors.
  • If community service is part of your business mission, you can share your recent plans and goals for the coming year. It is also important to describe the impact of COVID-19 on your business, your customers, and the consumers you work with.

Here are some specific tips for making a video:

  • If you’re shooting your video on a phone or tablet, record your video horizontally (landscape) so that your footage is larger and fills the video screen.
  • Choose a place that is well lit, quiet and free from background noise. Sound is important. Speak loudly and clearly.
  • It’s good to be prepared, but avoid reading a script. We want to hear your authentic voice.
  • You can also use Zoom to register. Here are the zoom adjustment recommendations to improve recording quality:
    – Access the video settings and check “Enable HD”.
    – Go to recording settings and check “Optimize for third party editor”.
    – Set the Zoom window to full screen mode while recording.

How to submit a video to ACA:

  1. Create a folder and label it with your business name. Place your video clip (s) in the folder. Zip your folder.
  2. Download your zipped folder in this Google Drive link.


Submit your zipped file online via


Accepted video formats include MOV or MP4.


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