Debt collectors quickly negotiate unpaid debts through the SettleiTsoft platform

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, July 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – New SAS Software Product for Debt Collection – SettleiTsoft® Enterprise – is fully integrated with SettleiTsoft® debt negotiation platform for consumers.

Developed by AiTech Software, it offers a perfect opportunity for creditors to re-examine their business model; especially how they connect with consumers and collect unpaid debts. Connecting with debtors is the most difficult process for any debt collector. Debtors expect a confrontation, perhaps at their wit’s end, possibly embarrassed or intimidated, and fearing predatory collection practices.

SettleiTsoft® Enterprise was specially created to help resolve these conflicting issues by communicating with the debtor through the SettleiTsoft® Mobile app. Instead of cold calling, the platform allows creditors to upload debtor information with an initial settlement offer. Debtors are then invited to download the mobile application to enter into a debt repayment agreement.

All negotiations take place online, via a secure virtual channel. Both parties can accept, reject or oppose the amounts and terms of the settlement offers, or discuss privately. Confrontation is eliminated, communications run 24/7, and debtors can benchmark their invoices to build achievable budgets; allowing the debt to be settled out of court.

As no phone call is necessary, SettleiTsoft® Enterprise significantly reduces the risk that an individual agent will put the entire debt collection business at risk from FTC action by being aggressive or threatening with a consumer.

“It’s been decades since the latest technology update for call centers – the automatic dialer. With SettleiTsoft® As a business, debt collectors can finally change their business models. There is no reason to be limited by phone calls for communications, given smartphones. Connect and collect, “said Marthe Henri, technical director.

With Connect and Collect methodology, creditors pay a monthly subscription fee, then pay for the results – number of commitments (debtor logs in through the mobile app) and a percentage of settlement payments.

Antonio García, CEO, said “Having the power of SettleiTsoft® The platform and its mobile applications in the hands of creditors, via the corporate web portal, is a milestone for the debt collection industry. Our vision is to simplify debt collection practices with transparent technologies, which comply with the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. “

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