Duggar fans confused as matriarch Michelle teaches her ‘toddlers’ about home bankruptcy in resurfaced clip


DUGGAR fans have questions for Michelle after resurfacing footage of the star teaching her children about bankruptcy.

Family homes educate their children because of their fundamentalist Christian beliefs.


Duggar fans laugh at Michelle – here with husband Jim Bob – after resurfacing a clip from the original 14 Kids & Counting specialCredit: TLC
In the clip, she appeared to be teaching her very young children about bankruptcy


In the clip, she appeared to be teaching her very young children about bankruptcyCredit: TLC

On an online thread, fans of the show resurfaced a clip from the 14 Kids and Pregnant special, which was later followed by 19 Kids and Counting and Counting on.

The video shows Michelle, now 55, standing in front of the table her children are homeschooled at, preparing to teach them a lesson about bankruptcy.

“OK, our legal resource for today – we’re going to learn bankruptcy laws,” she said after clearing her throat.

There are children of all ages around the table, including many of primary school age.

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One Reddit user joked, “Is there a unit on how to start an LLC?”

Another commented: “Well Michelle is definitely not into age appropriate learning or teaching. Why would a five year old need to know about bankruptcy?”

A third wondered: ‘Why would any of these children need to know?

A fourth simply commented, “I find this hilarious.”

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This isn’t the first time a clip has surfaced that has caused backlash or buzz from fans.


Recently, Duggar fans spotted a glaring misspelling on a lesson plan in a resurfaced clip from the reality show.

TV stars pinned the rules for “school time” – which lasted from 11 a.m. to afternoon – on the wall.

The Counting On alumni advised their children not to “scare” their “teacher”.

There would be “no conversation” except when you “raise your hand” or to “quietly get your teacher’s attention”.

“All other conversations” would take place in the afternoon, when “school time is over”.

Michelle’s husband, Jim Bob, signed up as manager, but Michelle’s role as superintendent was misspelled as “superintendent”.

Fans took to the comments section when they noticed the spelling mistake.

One said: “Obviously my public high school diploma is nothing compared to Duggar Academy.”

Another mentioned: “You meant ‘superintendent’ didn’t you?”

“Did they really spell Super Steward?” It’s a word! Superintendent! another was raging.


In addition to homeschooling their children, the Duggar family observes a strict dress code.

The women of the family wear dresses and skirts and cover their bodies.

The Duggar children grew up with limited access to entertainment and television, and many of them apply these rules in their adult lives.

However, some family members have deviated from these practices.

His daughter Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, no longer live by the rules of Jim Bob and Michelle.


Meanwhile, Josh Duggar, Duggar’s eldest son, is currently behind bars.

In May, Arkansas Judge Timothy L. Brooks sentenced 34-year-old Josh to more than 12 years in prison for child pornography.

According to The Sun’s court reporter, the judge called Josh’s crimes “the sickest of the sick” in a crowded courtroom.

He told the eldest child of the Duggar clan: “You have done very bad things. But in your whole life you have done good things.”

The judge concluded with, “The true test of a man’s character is what a man does when no one is looking.

The Sun exclusively obtained photos and video of Josh’s wife, Anna, as she fled the courtroom.

Anne34, looked sullen after hearing the news the father of her seven children remained behind bars.

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Josh’s father and other family members appeared at the courthouse in support of the disgraced reality star.

Josh appealed after his conviction.

The Duggars live a strict religious life and homeschool their children


The Duggars live a strict religious life and homeschool their childrenCredit: TLC
The family was rocked by a scandal when eldest Josh Duggar was arrested for child pornography


The family was rocked by a scandal when eldest Josh Duggar was arrested for child pornographyCredit: AP
Several family members stayed by his side


Several family members stayed by his sideCredit: TLC

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