Fort Wayne City Council Members Call for Update from Henry Administration on Red River Bankruptcy Filing



FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – The chairman of the city council has asked municipal solid waste officials to come to council on Tuesday and provide an update on the impact of garbage collection on Red River’s decision to file a bid bankrupt (Chapter 11).

Last week, Red River Waste Solutions filed a lawsuit, raising concerns about whether city residents can count on regular service in the future.

Red River garbage trucks circled parts of the city on Monday, picking up garbage as they would any other day.

Red River officials in their Texas bankruptcy filing last Thursday blamed the pandemic for creating a problem hiring enough workers.

The company says the labor shortage contributed to fines imposed by cities where the waste hauler failed to meet contract criteria, leading to financial problems.

City Council Chairman Paul Ensley has reached out to city solid waste officials, asking them to show up for council on Tuesday and brief council members on our position on the Red River situation.

Dumpster customer Robert Robinson, who lives near Georgetown Square, hasn’t been keeping up with all the ups and downs associated with Red River, but he wants to know if anyone is making sure his trash is taken care of.

“Who’s going to do it, what’s going to happen. I know we used to have Serv-All… I don’t know what happened to them. But again, they’re pretty slow these guys here. Really slow they haven’t been on target like they should be, “said Robinson.

“We’re primarily interested in how the service is going to be affected, if anything. For residents, our top priority is making sure that garbage is picked up weekly in the future and then what are the contingency plans. in the contractor can’t continue to pick up trash, ”Ensley said.

At the time of this report, Red River officials said they were working on a statement clarifying how the waste haulage company intends to overcome its financial woes and maintain quality service for Fort Wayne customers.



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