How to remove AvanteUSA from your credit report


If you’ve received multiple phone calls from AvanteUSA or encountered the name while reviewing your credit report, you’re probably wondering how to end the harassing phone calls or delete the collection account. Before speaking with AvanteUSA, review the information below. You may be able to resolve the collection issue and transform your credit score without making a payment.

What is Avante USA?

Avante USA, Ltd. is a debt collection agency located in the United States. Although her frequent calls may make her seem suspicious, it is a legitimate organization. AvanteUSA has been in business for nearly 20 years and began debt collection services in 2003. Today, the midsize debt collector is headquartered in Houston.

AvanteUSA has four main collections divisions:

  • Automotive, commercial, credit card, education and retail collections
  • Health care billing and collection
  • Debt Buyers Service
  • Follow-up and denial of insurance

3 Ways to Remove AvanteUSA from Your Credit Report

When AvanteUSA and other debt collectors contact you, you need a plan to remove the collection from your credit file. Below are the steps you can take to manage your AvanteUSA debt collection:

  • Send AvanteUSA a Debt Validation Letter
  • Negotiate a payment-for-deletion agreement
  • Hire a credit repair company
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1. Send AvanteUSA a Debt Validation Letter

This could solve the problem of whether you owe the agency money or if it contains invalid or incorrect information. Once AvanteUSA contacts you, you have 30 days to dispute the debt. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires debt collectors to prove that you owe them money. Since AvanteUSA is not the original creditor or service providers, it does not always have the correct information.

In many cases, the agency does not have the documentation they need to pursue payment. If he can’t validate your debt, he should remove the collection account from your credit report. This strategy is the least expensive option.

You can send your validation letter to the following address:

Avante USA Ltd.
3600 S Gessner Road
Houston, Texas 77063

Phone: 832-476-1740


2. Negotiate a payment-for-deletion agreement

If AvanteUSA validated your debt or you missed the deadline to dispute it, you can try to negotiate the terms of your debt. Often debt collectors will accept payment that is less than the actual amount owed. Before agreeing to pay, you must ask the collection agency to agree to have the negative entry removed from your credit file.

Be sure to only communicate in writing. It is important to document any agreement between you and a collection agency to avoid confusion. Once you have the deal, you can make the payment, which should quickly reflect on your credit report. If the collections entry is still present after a month, you should follow up with AvanteUSA.

3. Hire a credit repair company

If you’re overwhelmed with the time and effort to remove a negative entry from your credit report, consider hiring a credit repair company. A credit repair company can play an important role if you face lawsuits from creditors and collectors. But it can also help you solve smaller problems, like deleting entries from collections.

Credit repair companies have experience confronting debt collectors and making sure they don’t violate FDCPA regulations. Whichever path you choose, don’t wait to start repairing your credit. With the above strategies, you can get AvanteUSA removed from your credit report.

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If this feels overwhelming, contact a credit repair expert

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How does Avante USA work?

Creditors and service providers can only devote a limited amount of time to pursuing late payments on accounts. Once an unpaid debt reaches a certain point, businesses often turn to debt collection agencies, like AvanteUSA, to help collect payments. These agencies purchase debts from vendors or the creditor hires the collection agency to collect their debts.

The collection agency has the right to contact you in pursuit of repayment and makes a profit when they collect your debt. These agencies use multiple channels of communication, such as writing, calling, and leaving voicemail. Once your debt reaches collections, it may appear on your credit report as a collection account. This entry can seriously affect your credit score for seven years, even if you settle the account.

Communications with AvanteUSA

According to its ratings from the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, many people have filed official complaints against AvanteUSA. The most common issues are aggressive phone calls and inaccurate reports. People also cite the agency’s inability to validate debts.

The FDCPA prevents creditors from threatening or harassing you. For example, debt collectors can‘t bother you at work or tell other people, like co-workers or friends, about your debt to intimidate you into making a payment. The FDCPA also requires that they follow your desired method of communication.

By asking AvanteUSA to communicate with you through letters sent via US Certified Mail, you have everything in writing. Written documentation can be helpful when trying to have AvanteUSA removed from your credit report.


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