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Actor Kabir Bedi, reflecting on a “traumatic” chapter in his life when he went bankrupt, said it was “very humiliating”. The actor recently published his autobiography, titled Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of an Actor.

In the book, Kabir Bedi talks about his youth, his career in journalism, and his subsequent stint in the film industry. Kabir also worked in Hollywood and enjoyed the most professional success as a star in Europe, particularly in Italy.

In an interview with Brut India, she was asked if her spirituality gave her the strength to overcome life’s difficulties. He said: “I had traumatic experiences with my son’s suicide, with my bankruptcy in Hollywood. It’s very humiliating for a celebrity to be bankrupt. But you have to find ways to pick yourself up and get back on your feet. resuscitate you. “

He continued, “Throughout my life I have reinvented myself. Much of the meditation I learned in my you, much of the spiritual foundation that my parents gave me through their remarkable traditions. of Sikhism and Buddhism, and my own inner sense of myself gave me the strength to say ‘no, I will fight’. “

During his Hollywood years, Kabir appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful, one of the world’s most watched shows. He has also appeared in Dynasty, Murder, She Wrote, Magnum, PI, Hunter, Knight Rider, and Highlander: The Series.

Some of the more difficult topics Kabir has written about in his book include the death of his son Siddharth by suicide and his relationship with actor Parveen Babi, who herself suffered from mental illness.

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Parveen died in 2005 from multiple organ failure. Writing of his death, Kabir wrote: “In the end, I learned how Parveen died. His body was found in his apartment in Juhu four days after his death, a leg rotten with gangrene, a wheelchair near his bed. the end of a star who had been the fantasy of millions of people. Three men who had known and loved her – Mahesh, Danny and I – came for her funeral at the Muslim cemetery in Juhu. It was a solemn burial with Islamic rites and songs. We transported his body with relatives to a dimly lit grave. I felt everything she had suffered with a grief that was coming from deep within me. Each of us had known her in a way that few people knew. Each of us had loved her as each of us had known. “



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