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Kaisk never called 911. Schaeffer was alive when doctors picked him up late that night, but he later died.

The shooting was captured on surveillance video and Kaisk admitted to pulling the trigger in a police interview when he was arrested the next day. But Kaisk and Pratt offer a different take on the circumstances surrounding the shooting, arguing it was self-defense after Kaisk and Schaeffer fought near the intersection of South 38th Avenue and Smith Street.

While the state contends Kaisk shot Schaeffer once, fled and returned to shoot him again, Kaisk says he fired two shots, back to back, in self-defense. , and came back to grab his shirt after already shooting. two shots.

During his police interview, Kaisk told police he fired two shots and fled. So far, the state has not presented evidence of where each bullet entered Schaeffer or the exact location of each casing, but Assistant Attorney Seth Oskin said the state will call possibly a pathologist to testify.

Kaisk also recorded a Snapchat video in the moments leading up to the shooting, showing Schaeffer sitting down telling Kaisk that he didn’t steal his weed.

“What is it, mate? Let me call my kids,” Schaeffer pleads to Kaisk in the Snapchat video.

“No man, I’m sorry about your kids,” Kaisk replied. After a few moments, Kaisk said to Schaeffer, “I’m just reporting to one of my Gs, that’s all. My official Gs, let me put it like that.”

Kaisk has yet to speak at his trial, but in a preliminary hearing he said the Snapchat video was just a joke.

“It wasn’t my intention for it to go this far,” Kaisk said. “I was just trying to post and try to be funny about it. It just went a little too far. I think that’s exactly how we had a fight.

Surveillance video captured the shooting. After a brief scuffle, Kaisk got up while Schaeffer was still lying on the ground and fired a shot at Schaeffer before fleeing. The video clearly shows a muzzle flash. Kaisk fled before returning a second time. The video does not show a second muzzle flash, but Kaisk’s back is turned towards the camera and the gun is not visible. Pratt argued that Kaisk did not fire again when he returned.


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