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The first public appearance this year of the Lycée Cadillac debate team will take place Tuesday evening in the auditorium of the Lycée, during the affirmative and negative skirmish. The state’s subject this year for high schools is: Resolved that the principle of the closed workshop in America should receive public support. Miss Ona White, a high school public speaking teacher, is the debate coach and she says the local school intends this year to put more emphasis on the importance of debate as part of the competitive spirit of the school. . Last year was the first time Cadillac was a member of the State League. The negative team won a training match in Manton last Saturday night and are confident in their victory over Traverse next Friday night.

State Representative Dennis O. Cawthorne (R-Manistee) plans to introduce emergency legislation to prevent Baldwin Public School from going into bankruptcy by the end of the current school year. The measure provides for a long-term state loan of approximately $ 300,000 to maintain the creditworthiness of the school district and is similar to legislation passed in 1968 to assist the Inkster School District. Baldwin District has an enrollment rate of 44% Black, a high unemployment rate, and an average family income of less than $ 6,000 per year. According to officials, one of the main causes of the school’s financial problems is the fact that about 20% of its property taxes are overdue each year. Baldwin will vote Dec. 20 on a proposal to increase the school’s operational mileage by 6.75 mills. If Mileage and Cawthorne’s Bill fail, state officials say the Baldwin District can be dissolved and shared with surrounding school districts. “I am sure the citizens of Baldwin want to keep their own school district and that is the main reason I am sponsoring the bill,” said Representative Cawthorne. “As a general rule, the state is normally very reluctant to bail out local school districts from financial crises like this. However, Baldwin’s situation is so desperate that several influential lawmakers have shown their support, as have the Department of Education and the Municipal Finance Commission.


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